Feb 1, 2017

The Hope of the Youth

Lately I have had to learn how to do nothing. After being extremely busy the last few years, constantly needing to do something for school, I have nothing much to do. I love being home for the kids. I love that's when it's raining I can pick them up from school, I love that I can focus on their homework without worrying about my own, I love that I can focus on their activities. I love that they are my world again. During the day, when they are at school, I have time to do really whatever I want. Figuring out what that is each day is fun. A challenge but a fun challenge. Yesterday I downloaded an app to learn French and brush up on my Spanish. It's been fun.

Kira- Kira auctioned for the Placer County Youth Orchestra. There are 3 different levels of the orchestra and she made the top orchestra, the symphony orchestra! Her orchestra is made up of high school kids and some junior high kids. She is so happy to be doing something with her cello again since for some reason they don't have an orchestra at her school. This week the youth sang in Sacrament meeting. It was a beautiful song that combined As Sisters in Zion and the Armies of Helaman (Watch the official EFY version here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-13tk2uPUo0). The Spirit was very strong for me. I loved seeing my daughter up there, knowing she is a young woman, no longer a child. I'm grateful for the hope and strength of the youth that gives me hope for the future. I hate politics and try to avoid them, its been hard to do lately. They have got me so down worrying about the future and what it means for my children and my future grandchildren. Listening to the youth sing in Sacrament Meeting, calmed my troubled heart and brought me peace. The world is in good hands.
This was a practice before church began. 

Josh- Josh is busy with scouts and school. Josh is worked on a reverse engineering STEM project at school, him and two friends took a part an X-Box controller to figure out what each part does. Josh decided he loves projects like this, he also loved his computer programming class earlier in the school year. We need to find another one for him.
Josh exploring the parts of an X-Box controller

Lou- Lou is working as hard as ever. He enjoys his work a lot. So if you have any mortgage needs in California or Utah, make sure to give him a call. He can help you get into a house or refinance your current mortgage :) I am glad he is so happy at work.  He also is busy with his church calling. He teaches youth Sunday school. He loves it and the kids love him. I have had several women come up to me in RS and tell me how much their son or daughter loves Lou as a teacher.

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Alyssa said...

Well, I'm glad I didn't miss too many posts since the last time I got on here, but then again, I would love to hear more about your family! These last to entries were just priceless to learn about you and yours. Have you done any more fun day trips?